Let Sharp & Abacus Bring the World Into Your Office / School for as little as $9.00 per day on our exclusive Abacus In-House Rental Programme, from the same Company which business and schools have trusted for over 31 years!
So if you are remotely considering replacing or installing an electronic or interactive whiteboard, then you must see the new “Sharp Interactive Touchscreen LCD Monitor”

Abacus & Sharp Bringing the World Into Workplace

The new Sharp Interactive Whiteboard, an ideal communication tool for use in offices, schools and educational institutions.  It can work as an interactive whiteboard (IWB) and in linkage with your multifunction device (MFD) you can scan documents and images directly to the pen software for display on the Touchscreen Monitor.  And conversely images shown on the Touchscreen can be sent directly to the MFP for printout.

Rent From Less than $9.00 a Day